We're proud to sell only the highest quality horses, always at a reasonable price. With over 30 years of experience in horsemanship, we've developed the right eyes to spot a great horse when we see one, as well as the eye to spot the right new owner when they walk into the yard. Many sellers of horses simply operate a revolving door, hoisting whichever hunter, dressage or show-jumping horse they have for sale onto whichever buyer shows up.



We operate a different policy with our sport horses for sale, always making sure that we understand our horses' behaviour and personality before connecting them with a buyer, so we, as well as you, can be sure that every horse we sell goes to the right home.


We source most of our horses from Ireland and the Netherlands, taking great care in our selection process, so that only the best quality geldings and mares arrive at our yard.



Have a look at the hunter, dressage and showjumping horses for sale that we have available, as well as all our other mares and geldings.
If one catches your eye, get in contact today by calling us, messaging us on Whatsapp at 07788 498 499, messaging us on Facebook, or by emailing
info@northeastsporthorses.uk to arrange a meeting with what could be your new best friend.







Vetting Process

All of our horses submit to a full vetting process, at your request. We wholeheartedly recommend this as an option, so you can be sure the horse you're looking to buy is the right one for you. Get in touch to find out more about the process and how we ensure that the horse you come away with is the right one for you.